Foreign investment: grounds, basics and functions

    Abstract Foreign investment legal system needs recognition of its aspects, basics and functions. Present paper attempts to study grounds, legal basics as well as structures and entities related to foreign investment in Iran and reveals its ambiguous aspects. Readers are expected to get familiar with legal rules and frameworks of foreigners’ investments in […]

Investissement étranger : les domaines, les bases et fonctionnements

Résumé : Pour bien comprendre le système légal de l’investissement étranger on a besoin d’une connaissance de la dimension de même que les bases et ses contours. Dans le présent article, nous avons essayé d’analyser les origines, les bases légales et juridiques de même que les structures et les institutions chargées de s’occuper de l’investissement […]

Iran Land of Opportunity

Iran is the 17th largest country in the world with a great variety of climate and natural resources. Iran enjoys a privileged geographical position, being the cross roads between Europe , middle east, North Africa, Russia and Asia. The Iranian population is of 80 million, largely urbanized (70%) and very well educated. The literacy rate […]


Iranian fourth generation petroleum contracts: Changes in oil contracts and creation of the fourth generation of petroleum contracts as the results of oil industry hardworking experts are based on four main pillars: (1) diversity of contracts and intervention of foreign oil companies in production, (2) the ability of contribution and reliance on contractor’s functioning, (3) […]