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Iranpour and Associate legal is the lead Legal In Iran 

With more than 20 years of professional experience and as the Founder of Iranpour & Associates Law Firm, Dr. Farhad Iranpour specializes in corporate legal strategy, preparation and submission of a comprehensive reports defining essential topics on the civil, commercial, investment, company and taxation codes of Iran that should be taken into consideration by natural / legal entities, contracting firms, foreign investors, International Oil Companies, consultant engineering firms/ suppliers and brokers in respect to their activities in Iran.


In addition, our legal Team assists our clients with preparation and submission of legal documents for organizations wishing to establish and operate their business in Iran. These include ensuring conditions and requirements are in place for establishing a branch office and/or partnership in Iran, investments in Iran as well as investments in the Free Trade Zones, assisting client in their negotiations with Iranian counterparts as well as representing clients in front of Iranian authorities such as judicial, tax and or labor authorities.


Our wealth of experience in a broad range of industrial fields has made us an invaluable asset when assisting our clients operating across all sectors with special emphasis on the Oil and Gas Industry, Petrochemical industry, Electricity industry, Construction Industry, as well as a working scope of the regulations needed to operate within the Telecommunications, Banking Industry and within the Iranian Stock Market Exchange.

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