Iran Land of Opportunity

Iran is the 17th largest country in the world with a great variety of climate and natural resources.

Iran enjoys a privileged geographical position, being the cross roads between Europe

, middle east, North Africa, Russia and Asia.

The Iranian population is of 80 million, largely urbanized (70%) and very well educated. The literacy rate of the population between 15 to 50 years old is beyond 95% and there are nearly 3 million students going to universities with almost 30% specialized in science and technology, one of the highest rate in the world.

Concerning natural resources, it is good to know that Iran ranks among the top 15 countries with most natural resources. In this respect, Iran has the world largest zinc reserve in addition to the 2 nd largest reserve of copper , 9th largest reserve of Iron and 11th largest reserve of Lead.

In the field of energy,  Iran has the world largest proven natural gas reserve and ranks 4th in proven crude oil reserve.

Iran is also producing a wide range of industrial products. As such, the country has produced more than 1,7 million cars in 2012 ranking 12 in the world among car producers. Among others, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and high tech industries have dramatically increased during the last years despite international sanctions, which demonstrate the dynamism of the country.

Iran as the last huge emerging market presents many opportunities which explains the enthusiasm of foreign investors since the relief of the nuclear related sanctions early this year. However, due to the specificities of the Iranian domestic market, foreign companies will need to have the best advices in particular in relation to the local laws and regulations.

IRANPOUR & ASSOCIATE LEGAL advises both international and local companies on a broad range of matters and is here to assist you in all the steps of your transaction in a challenging and emerging Iranian market.


Iran Land of Opportunity (FR):

Investissement  étranger : les domaines, les bases et fonctionnements

Résumé :
Pour bien comprendre le système légal de l’investissement étranger on a besoin d’une connaissance de la dimension de même que les bases et ses contours.
Dans le présent article, nous avons essayé d’analyser les origines, les bases légales et juridiques de même que les structures et les institutions chargées de s’occuper de l’investissement étranger en Iran.
Nous espérons que suite à la lecture de cet article nos lecteurs aient une meilleure connaissance des cadres de l’investissement  étranger en Iran.
Nous espérons que cela servira aussi comme une 1 ère connaissance pour entrer dans le marché iranien.   


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